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Wednesday, April 21, 2010 , Posted by Manish M at 5:52 PM


                                These days, the dependence of mankind on technology is crucial. It is also an indication that the future too, will not survive without the aid of technology. Technology today, is far evolved and is in a great form when compared to the past decades. Sensing the importance of it, a lot of efforts are made in order to bring out the maximum potential of it.

                                The IT industry is the only one of its kind which has an innovation every day. Successful people see change as an opportunity. So the industry is full of opportunities and no recession can stop this field from development, even though it may seem to be, for a short period of time.

                                                            Consider the new.NET Framework from Microsoft. This product from Microsoft ensures the stability of the company and also is a proof of the creative and technical capacity of Microsoft. .Net can be considered as a terrific improvement of conventional programming. The .Net is a package which gives the programmers a great pool of inbuilt objects and classes from which applications can be made easily. The most important benefit to the programmers is that the time taken to build apps using .NET framework is very less when compared to other programming languages such as C,C++ and PERL.

                                                     There are three programming languages introduced by Microsoft to program in the Visual Studio IDE. They are Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Visual C#(my favorite !). Using these three programming languages, the .NET Framework can be accessed to build apps and games.

                                          Let’s get a glimpse of my favorite language C#. It is my favorite, not only due to its simple and elegant syntax, but also due its vast applications. For e.g. , C# is the language supported for XNA Game Studio, a game design and development environment from Microsoft.

                                                     C# is used to build games for desktop as well as mobile platforms, web apps with and applications for Windows Smart phones, desktop and also for Embedded systems. That makes it a great language to invest our time for. Moreover, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ballmer, has said “We are betting the company on .Net”. So that is an assurance of the bright future for C# programmers.

                                            So why wait? Get started with C# right away. If you are a student, you have a lot of free tools given by Microsoft including the Visual Studio 2010 Professional IDE,SQL server, Windows Server, XNA game studio and lots of other developer tools. Have a look at the Dreamspark website. Verify that you are a student, and Microsoft opens a whole new world of tools for developers.

                                                            Even a complete set of tutorials are also provided on the Dreamspark website. So make the most out of them for a wonderful experience with .NET. Meet you soon with more stuff from Microsoft.

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