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Yahoo - a new Secure Steps

Posted by VIVEK JAK TV on Thursday, June 3, 2010 , under | comments (1)

How many of you are using Yahoo? I’m not talking about the search engine, which I rarely use for anything. I’m talking about Yahoo mail, which I do use, and YahooGroups, which is an invaluable tool for me these days. I run, and participate in, over 30 YahooGroups.

Kingston Technology Adds ‘blu’ to HyperX Lineup

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Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, announced the release of an entry-level line of HyperX memory modules for overclockers and gamers. The HyperX ‘blu’ memory modules have a new look, run at standard JEDEC speeds and timings, and have headroom for enthusiasts to push the performance envelope.

“The enthusiast community knows the HyperX name is synonymous with high speed, high quality and stylish design. HyperX blu enables us to bring these features to market at a lower price point,” said Ann Bai, DRAM Memory Sales Director, APAC Region, Kingston. “HyperX blu is the latest addition to the HyperX family in our ongoing strategy to match HyperX products with the various enthusiast market segments.”

HyperX blu is available in DDR3, 1600- and 1333MHz 4- and 2GB kits of two. This series is also available in DDR2 800MHz, single modules and kits of two. Kingston HyperX memory is backed by a lifetime warranty and free technical support.

Kingston HyperX blu DDR3 & DDR2 Specifications
- KHX1600C9D3B1K2/4GX : 4GB 1600MHz (CL9-9-9-27 @ 1.65v) kit of 2 optimized for XMP
- KHX1600C9D3B1K2/4G : 4GB 1600MHz (CL9-9-9-27 @ 1.7v) kit of 2
- KHX1600C9D3B1K2/2G : 2GB 1600MHz (CL9-9-9-27 @ 1.7v) kit of 2
- KHX1333C7D3B1K2/4GX : 4GB 1333MHz (CL7-7-7-20 @ 1.65v) kit of 2 optimized for XMP
- KHX1333C7D3B1K2/4G :4GB 1333MHz (CL7-7-7-20 @ 1.7v) kit of 2
- KHX1333C7D3B1K2/2G :2GB 1333MHz (CL7-7-7-20 @ 1.7v) kit of 2
- KHX6400D2B1K2/4G : 4GB 800MHz (CL5-5-5-15 @ 1.8v) kit of 2
- KHX6400D2B1K2/4G : 4GB 800MHz (CL5-5-5-15 @ 1.8v) kit of 2
- KHX6400D2B1/2G : 2GB 800MHz (CL5-5-5-15 @ 1.8v) module
- KHX6400D2B1/1G : 1GB 800MHz (CL5-5-5-15 @ 1.8v) module


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                                These days, the dependence of mankind on technology is crucial. It is also an indication that the future too, will not survive without the aid of technology. Technology today, is far evolved and is in a great form when compared to the past decades. Sensing the importance of it, a lot of efforts are made in order to bring out the maximum potential of it.

                                The IT industry is the only one of its kind which has an innovation every day. Successful people see change as an opportunity. So the industry is full of opportunities and no recession can stop this field from development, even though it may seem to be, for a short period of time.

                                                            Consider the new.NET Framework from Microsoft. This product from Microsoft ensures the stability of the company and also is a proof of the creative and technical capacity of Microsoft. .Net can be considered as a terrific improvement of conventional programming. The .Net is a package which gives the programmers a great pool of inbuilt objects and classes from which applications can be made easily. The most important benefit to the programmers is that the time taken to build apps using .NET framework is very less when compared to other programming languages such as C,C++ and PERL.

                                                     There are three programming languages introduced by Microsoft to program in the Visual Studio IDE. They are Visual Basic, Visual C++ and Visual C#(my favorite !). Using these three programming languages, the .NET Framework can be accessed to build apps and games.

                                          Let’s get a glimpse of my favorite language C#. It is my favorite, not only due to its simple and elegant syntax, but also due its vast applications. For e.g. , C# is the language supported for XNA Game Studio, a game design and development environment from Microsoft.

                                                     C# is used to build games for desktop as well as mobile platforms, web apps with and applications for Windows Smart phones, desktop and also for Embedded systems. That makes it a great language to invest our time for. Moreover, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ballmer, has said “We are betting the company on .Net”. So that is an assurance of the bright future for C# programmers.

                                            So why wait? Get started with C# right away. If you are a student, you have a lot of free tools given by Microsoft including the Visual Studio 2010 Professional IDE,SQL server, Windows Server, XNA game studio and lots of other developer tools. Have a look at the Dreamspark website. Verify that you are a student, and Microsoft opens a whole new world of tools for developers.

                                                            Even a complete set of tutorials are also provided on the Dreamspark website. So make the most out of them for a wonderful experience with .NET. Meet you soon with more stuff from Microsoft.

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Wave-A review of the next big tool in communication

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Wave-The new product from the Internet giant Google. There had already been an umpteen number of articles on Wave. But Wave is in the development stage and still is not open to the public. For now Wave is only on an invitation basis. Since I had registered long before it was released, I am one of the early birds who got the opportunity to check it out. Let’s get a glimpse of Wave in this article. Click here for a complete video on Google wave.

Technically, Wave is defined as a real time communication platform which combines the aspects of wikis, instant messaging, social networking and lots more. So what can Wave actually do? For now, we got to believe that Wave has a large potential (as claimed by a large number of users), and many of the capabilities of Wave found till now are said to be a small part of it’s full functionality.

For example, if you are want a Love letter to be edited to a perfect form, prepare the rough draft and then “wave” it .Include the people whom you think are capable of helping you to edit the letter with their romantic verses. The people whom you choose can edit the letter any way they like. And the good thing is that you can actually see them typing word by word. Therefore a group of people can work together on the letter at the same time. So a letter of high quality is produced by the combined efforts of a team. (But the result of the letter depends on the people who choose!).

This is just one of the infinite applications of Wave. Some business guys previewed the wave and found it to be an efficient tool in brainstorming and other events which involve a lot of people together, contributing and suggesting. Even documents, videos and other type or files can be shared in Wave, just by drag and drop method. This makes it a wonderful tool for discussions.

Next, Wave has an excellent user interface. But it is also accused of too much complexity. Anyway, the user interface makes waving fun. But when compared to chats, Waves are a bit slower.

The next good thing about Wave is that, it is Open Source. Google seeks developers to innovate and build Wave. And it can be embedded in blogs or websites too .A number of applications and gadgets have already been built for Wave by the open source community. Not just the word “Wave”, there are other terminologies related to this next gen communication tool.

               Wavelet- It is a small part of the Wave, and can be managed separately like Wave.

                Blip- Smaller than a wavelet, a Blip is a single individual message, like a single IM message. Blips can be published or even unpublished.

                     Extensions- These are the small apps which work inside a wave. There are two types of extensions, gadgets and robots.

                 Gadgets- These are like normal apps which are built on Google’s Open social platform.

                  Robots- These are automatic apps which can interact with users and also provide updates from other websites like Twitter and Facebook.

All great products have faced controversies and criticisms. Wave is no exception. It is criticized by a good number of people claiming that Wave is not a safe way to communicate. While another group claims that it is mentally challenging to collaborate with a large number of people at a time in a single Wave. And there are a lot of questions on the stability of Wave when a number of users are involved simultaneously. Click here for more info on why Wave sucks!

The complete potential of Wave is still to be explored.(I heard people even bought Wave invitations from e-bay). This is an indication that there are lots of expectations from the user community. So we can hope for constructive changes and developments in Wave before it is finally released to the public. But it is definitely going to be the next big wave in the field of communication .No doubt.

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