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Win 7-A look at the new member of the Windows family

Saturday, January 16, 2010 , Posted by Manish M at 4:00 AM

             Windows 7 has been released finally,and I guess most of your torrent apps are busy with downloads of a copy of the brand new OS of Microsoft. But Win7 is not much in the news as it was before it’s release. 


                                                There was a lot of expectations for windows 7 particularly due to the unsuccessful (nearly!)  predecessor ,Windows Vista(and many call it as the greatest disaster in the history of Microsoft). And due to the hype it created in the industry, many downloaded and tested it immediately after the company gave out the release candidate. So what are the results? What is the performance of the new member in the Windows family? Let’s check it out…..


                                                                        To start with the Booting time, Microsoft claims that it had changed the way win7 boots up, and is completely different from the booting technique of Vista. Microsoft employs a scheme called as Trigger start services in which the processes and system services which vista would have started while booting up will be started only when required by Win7. So this increases the boot up time of Win7,no doubt in it. And for the Shutdown time, there is only a negligible difference between Windows Vista and Win7(visit PC WORLD for more information on “Testing Win7”).


                                              Coming to the Power consumption factor(Microsoft made a promise to improve this ),there is only a slight difference., around 15-20 minutes. But this varies with the type of hardware in which the OS is employed. But overall battery life would be slightly higher or else, will be same as Vista.


                                Launching applications is the only place where Vista  is far better than Win7(!).For e.g., when PC world tested both by launching Photoshop CS4, Vista took 2.7s while Win7 took a longer 9.6s .On an average, Vista is better than Win7 for applications launch speed.  And roughly ,3.7s faster than Win7.



                                                Overall, Windows7 proves to be better than Vista, but the difference is not so dramatic as expected by the consumer community. Anyways, Win7 is worth checking out and can offer some best user interface. The GUI is really amazing and far better than Vista. The most noticeable one is the taskbar, which has dropped text labels for running apps in favor of bigger icons. Graphics performance is really awesome and gaming in Win7 is fun.



                                               It seems that Microsoft had focused all it’s energy towards the improvement of Vista on the areas where it fell and named it Windows 7. It would have been better if the faults in Vista were removed by an update instead of going for a brand new Operating system. In a nutshell, it can be said that Win7 does not completely live up to it’s expectations. So what time is it? To wait for Win8 or to check out some versions of Linux?


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